Northern Stone Supply, Inc. has been awarded platinum certification for both quarrying and fabrication operations under the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone Standard, becoming the first company in the industry to receive platinum-level certifications across the board. Architects, masons and owners can be sure that Northern Stone Supply’s products have been produced to the highest standards of social, economical and environmental responsibility in the industry


About the Standard

ANSI/NSC 373: Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone

ANSI/NSC 373: Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone establishes criteria to measure the extent to which natural stone is produced sustainably. Developed by the Natural Stone Council (NSC) in association with Ecoform, an independent consultant, and NSF International, the standard is applicable to quarriers and processors of natural dimension stone. The standard employs a comprehensive life cycle approach to ensure that the most relevant aspects of quarry operations and stone fabrication are considered in the criteria for certification. Certification to ANSI/NSC 373 is based on point totals to achieve a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level certification. Monitoring and periodic re-evaluation are required to maintain certification.

Certification to the ANSI/NSC 373 standard is achieved by meeting sustainability criteria in several key industry impact areas. By managing the operational aspects covered by these criteria in a comprehensive plan of action, organizations gain insights into opportunities for improvement and/or early detection of potential risk conditions. More sustainable and effective management practices may also lead to cost savings.

The green building industry also encourages sustainability by specifying products that are certified as more sustainable. Architects and designers understand ANSI accredited sustainability certifications are the gold standard


Sustainability report

Corporate Sustainability report
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view site reclamation plan

Corporate Sustainability report