our story

Northern Stone Supply, Inc. is a leader in quarrying, fabricating, and marketing a wide range of Quartzite and Granite products from our two world class quarries located near Oakley, Idaho and Park Valley, Utah. Our roots and experience with natural stone quarrying and distribution come from over 60 years of doing business internationally. In spite of our widespread reach, NSS is headquartered in a small agricultural community in Southern Idaho where integrity matters as much as the people we work with. We trust you will find that for Northern Stone Supply, Quality First is much more than a slogan.

In the early 1950’s, Gary sold pick-up loads of stone hand picked from the California dessert. He eventually found and fell in love with the beautiful quartzite being quarried near Oakley, Idaho. In 1972, he purchased mining claims on Middle Mountain south of Oakley, Idaho and Northern Stone Supply, Inc was officially formed.

His passion for excellence and quality shaped our company from the beginning, and his efforts lead the introduction of Oakley Stone Quartzite to the natural building stone market. In 1970, Northern Stone Supply was officially incorporated and we began to develop a large range of products in order to meet architectural requirements for both residential and commercial projects throughout the world. In 2005, Greg Osterhout joined the team to guide the growing business. Innovations in quarrying, manufacturing and distribution have allowed us to become an international company, with hundreds of distributors both large and small. Since the 50’s, Northern Stone Supply’s operations have expanded vastly, but we pride ourselves in the fact that our home-grown reputation for outstanding customer service and quality products is still our number one concern.

our employees

  • Gary Mullard
    Gary Mullard Founder
  • Greg Osterhout
    Greg Osterhout Owner / President
  • Emery Osterhout
    Emery Osterhout Vice President
  • Lyn Washburn
    Lyn Washburn Office Manager
  • Bree Moon
    Bree Moon Secretary
  • Abby Kulchak
    Abby Kulchak Secretary
  • Karla Forest
    Karla Forest Marketing Director
  • Lisa Kyle
    Lisa Kyle Yard Manager

We have always taken pride in the quality of our products, and it is all a result of the quality of our employees. The competence of our office staff has come over decades in the natural stone business. Lyn Washburn, our office manager, has been with Northern Stone Supply since 1989, and her daughter, Bree Moon, joined the staff in 2013. Vice President, Greg Osterhout, began in 2005 and Emery Osterhout, sales and production manager, followed in 2007. Our year-round fabrication plant and office are operated by a team of 20 locals from our small agricultural commununity in Oakley, Idaho. When the snow melts on the mountain in the Spirng, 5 or 6 dozen seasonal workers from central Mexico come to work in the quarry. These men come in families and are often 2nd or 3rd generation Northern Stone Supply quarriers with valuable skill and experience.

Our Committment

At Northern Stone Supply, we focus on providing the highest quality natural stone products on the market. We pride ourselves in strong customer relationships and integrity across the industry. Our quarry and yard operations are held to a high standard of environmental integrity. We work closely with industry organizations to improve the sustainability of all natural stone. Above all else, it is most important to us that every person we work with feels enlightened, inspired, and confident of our products and abilities.