Northern Stone Supply, Inc. is a wholesale quarrying and manufacturing company. All of our products are distributed through our dealer network across the United States and Canada. If you would like to purchase any of our products or order samples, please refer to the "Distributors" section of our webpage to find your closest dealer.

Flats - 150 Sq. Ft. per crate

Corners - 100 Lin. Ft. per crate

Yes, unlike manufactured stone, our natural stone products will retain their integrity even if they are exposed to water.

RMQ & RMG have low absorbtion and high density which provide a high resistance to freeze / thaw cycles. Rocky Mountain Quartzite & Rocky Mountain Granite are up to 300 times stronger than manufactured stone products.

E-Z Set™ Thin Veneer weighs approximately 13 lbs. per square foot and qualifies as an adhered veneer because it weighs less than 15 lbs. per square foot installed.

Generally, a semi can carry 12 pallets, and a maxi can carry 16. This estimate will vary based on pallet weight.

No, all purchases are FOB Oakley, Idaho 83346.  Distributors will need to arrange their own trucking.

Coverage/ton varies depending on the thickness of the product.  Here is the coverage for some of our most popular products. 


  • E-Z Set™ 400 sq.ft/ton

  • 3/8" - 3/4" 250 sq.ft/ton

  • 3/4" - 1 1/4" 150 sq.ft/ton

  • 1 1/2" - 2" 90 sq.ft/ton

  • Pool Coping 100 sq.ft/ton

  • Stepping Stones 100 sq.ft/ton

Thin Veneer

  • Flats 150 sq.ft/crate

  • Corners 100 lin.ft/crate

Full Bed Veneer

  • RMQ™ Classic Ledge Stone 40 sq.ft/ton

  • RMG™ Veneer 2" - 4" 50-60 sq.ft/ton

  • RMG™ Veneer 1" - 2" 80-100 sq.ft/ton

  • RMG™ Cobble Stones 50 sq.ft/ton


  • Oro Verde & RMG™ Aggregate Average Coverage - 2" deep = 15 lbs./sq.ft

  • Dry Stream Bed Stone 40 sq.ft/ton

Additional coverage information for each product can be found in Northern Stone Supply's annual dealer price list.

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